6 things to consider before leaving Texas for Florida

Leaving Texas for Florida won’t be so easy as you think. Florida is a great state, and there is a reason why seniors go there to retire, but so is Texas! There will be a lot of things you and your family (if you are relocating with your family) will miss and we will show you everything you might want to think through before relocating. With that being said – Florida can be an amazing opportunity and a great place to live. Relocating there can also be quite simple if you know how to do it the hassle-free way. If you don’t know, don’t worry we will show you how soon so read on.

The weather in Florida

Sure, both states are known to be very hot and sunny all year long. But there are some weather conditions you should be aware of before leaving Texas for Florida. They also have rainstorms and hurricane seasons so make sure to do thorough research on the city you are relocating to. Luckily Google knows everything and in a matter of minutes, you will know the forecast for your new city and the weather history there. That’s a piece of great news. So, if you are worried about the weather – just Google it! One thing you should also know is the moisture. Even though it’s quite hot it can also get quite humid (we are talking about the air of course). So, if you are suffering from some chronic illness you should be aware of the humid air in Florida. If you plan on relocating there you will get the best tips on surviving the weather in Florida from getmovedtoday.com. But we have a feeling you are already good at surviving the hot weather.

Palm trees and the sunset
The weather in Florida is not so different from the one you are already used to but beware of the hurricane season!

You need to know the costs of living before leaving Texas for Florida

This is a very important factor right here – costs of living. This is something you need to know. The prices whether it’s prices of groceries, utilities, or houses. Once again Google can help you a lot here but here is some basic information you need to know before you start your research :

  • median home prices are around $294,900
  • utilities are about the same as the national average
  • when it comes to healthcare – it is a bit cheaper than you are used to in Texas
  • living in Florida you will spend between $2,801 and $3,200 annually on groceries

Now that we pointed you in the right direction, you can start your solo research and find everything you need to know before planning this relocation. Information is easily available now and you should use that to your advantage. Hopefully, you will not be moving in a rush so you can find everything out on time.

A person holding a lot of dollar banknotes
Money is always an important factor.

6 things to consider before leaving Texas for Florida

  1. Top places to live in Florida may be West Palm Beach and Tampa
  2. Disney World is one of the biggest employers in this state but there are way more job opportunities than just Disney World
  3. Texas is slightly cheaper than Florida (overall experience)
  4. Healthcare is a bit cheaper in Florida
  5. Florida has an overall higher crime rate compared to Texas
  6. Both Florida and Texas are amongst the top 3 hottest states to live in


If you plan on leaving Texas for Florida we have a way for you to do it easily and quickly, and most importantly stress-free. We promised a quick solution and we are here to deliver. Hiring professional movers will be the best help and the only way to do it without any trouble. But movers are not just for relocating from point a to point b. You will actually need them most to unpack and settle in. Experts are the best help when it comes to settling in and hiring local movers is always a smart choice. So, make sure to consider this option and make your life a bit easier. There is no reason for you to do everything on your own. Not when you have all this help at your disposal.

A professional mover standing next to a moving truck
Hiring professional movers will make your life a bit easier. So why not give it a try?

The extra help you might need

We mentioned how movers can help you and your family when it comes to relocation, but there is another thing you need to consider: additional storage. Oftentimes people need it and extra space comes in handy. Of course, your movers will explain to you all the details and help you relocate all your household belongings there until you find the perfect place for it. Until then everything will be safe and sound in a storage unit near you.

Feeling homesick after leaving Texas from Florida

Feeling homesick is perfectly normal. Everybody feels that way when they move far away from their home state, far away from their friends, family, and familiar places. Luckily there are apps that will help you to stay in touch with your friends and that will be a big help. Also, by settling in quickly you will get a chance to start exploring Florida and everything this state has to offer you. Soon enough you will get used to it and it will become your new home.

Day by day you will feel less homesick. Also, it’s important to know airplane tickets are not very expensive anymore and you can make plans to visit your old town and friends someday too! By knowing that this relocation is not the goodbye forever will make you feel a bit better and you will be able to focus on your new life here. Leaving Texas from Florida might be the best decision you ever made. Many people do this and this is a very common relocation so don’t worry. Just make sure to unpack as quickly as you can. That will speed up the process of adaptation.