6 reasons why New Yorkes move to Texas when starting a family

Surely you noticed that many New Yorkers are moving as soon as they start thinking about a family. Most of them move to Texas or to Florida. Those are the top two destinations according to statistics. Since Texas is a bit more popular in the last couple of years, we will talk about Texas now and show you a couple of good reasons why raising a family there is a good idea. Obviously, we are not saying that people shouldn’t raise their kids in NYC. If you can afford it, go for it. But there are other things you need to consider besides the money issue. We will cover all that in our text and we will also show you who can help you if you do decide to move once you realize why New Yorkers move to Texas.

Costs of living are the number 1 reason

Astounding numbers of New Yorkers are leaving the city for other parts of the United States, but why? Monthly costs, crime rates, and rising home prices are often cited as the primary motivations for relocation. The pattern emerged at the outbreak’s outset and keeps going strong in 2022. The lower cost of living in Texas may be the most alluring aspect of a move from New York City. If you’re from New York and thinking of buying a home in Texas, you might be in for a rude awakening because New York is the most unaffordable city in the country. Comparing Texas to New York City, you’ll find that housing costs there are over 55 percent lower. One of the main draws for people in New York to move to Texas is the state’s relatively inexpensive real estate market. Texas is a much better financial option than New York, whether you’re looking to rent or buy. The reduced cost of living in TX is also something that might surprise you.

Money on laptop as finances are one of the reasons why New Yorkers move to Texas.
We have to talk about money and prices first. After all, this is the main reason why families are moving from New York.

You will have a place to park your car!

Obviously, parking is not the reason for moving but New York (NYC especially) is overcrowded. The constant noise, lack of space, and horrible traffic are some pretty good reasons to relocate as soon as you start planning your family. NYC can be too stressful and you want to raise your kids in nicer surroundings. Having parking space wherever you go is just an added bonus. You just need to find that perfect place in Texas for you and your family.

Something we all know – Texas taxes

Texas is one of only seven states that does not impose a personal income tax, so New Yorkers migrating there will be in for a pleasant surprise. It has the lowest tax loads in the country and a sales tax rate of 6.25 percent. The property tax is high in comparison to the rest of the country, but on the plus side, real estate prices are also among the lowest in the country. Here is a little pro tip for you – if you are thinking about moving to Texas, you should relocate during the winter season. It’s cheaper.

A sign that says "taxes" and some banknotes in the background.
Your hard-earned money stays with you when you are not paying as much taxes. This is a pretty good reason for moving here.

Mild weather – one of the reasons why New Yorkers move to Texas

If you’re the kind of person who gets excited about the change of seasons because of winter sports, you might not like living in New York City. However, if you are sick of the cold and tired of layering up, Texas is the place for you. The weather in Texas varies from region to region, but in general, you can expect warm summers and somewhat mild winters. You won’t need those bulky coats once you’ve relocated to Texas, but you can save them for when you return to New York to see old friends during the winter. If you are thinking about moving here make sure to have the right material and appropriate help.

Raising a family NY vs TX

This is a very important factor. Parents need to know that they are moving somewhere where their kids can get a good education. We have to think about the future of our little ones right? While there are many benefits to living in New York City, there is also a significant amount of difficulty involved in raising a family there. The process of selecting an appropriate school for your youngster can quickly become stressful. Your application to college can be denied without any trouble.

In Texas, however, this isn’t the case. The number of children per capita in some places is significantly higher than the national average, and San Antonio has the biggest population of LGBT parents. It has a lower unemployment rate than New York City and plenty of family-friendly activities and decent schools. Texas is considered one of the top 33 states in which to bring up a family by the website WalletHub. When we talked about appropriate help, we meant divinemoving.com of course.

Parents taking a walk with their children.
Another great thing about Taxes is that people are very friendly here. Much friendlier than New Yorkers.


While New York City’s work market is dynamic and expansive, the Texas job market will not let you down. People are drawn to this state for a variety of reasons, one of which is the abundance of job opportunities available here. It is the second-largest economy in the United States, and its exports in 2016 were larger than those of California and New York put together. Corporations such are Dell, American Airlines, Livestock Investors Ltd, etc., have their headquarters in Texas. The best places to find a job are in Texas, according to Forbes. Thus, job opportunities are undoubtedly one of the reasons why New Yorkers move to Texas.