5 reasons why Californians are buying ranch houses in Texas

In the past decade, over 680,000 Californians have moved to Texas. The reasons for moving are usually the high cost of living and natural disasters like earthquakes or wildfires. If you are Californian and thinking about moving, Texas might be a great place for you. The costs of living in Texas are much lower, so you can afford yourself a nicer or bigger house. Or maybe you can start saving for a pension. Also, good to know is that Texas has less expensive medical care which is very important for you and your family. Even the companies, mostly tech ones are opting to move to Texas. When relocating, most Californians are buying ranch houses in Texas. There are five reasons for that.

Reasons for buying ranch houses in Texas

1. Good investment

Buying ranch houses in Texas can be a great investment. There are financial advantages like write-offs, returns for sweat equity, and some long-term capital gains. Also, this can be a good investment in your health. With owning so many acres, you will be able to grow your own food. Or at least some part of it. That can be the way to know what you are eating.

2. Space

Ranch houses usually come with a lot of land. In California, it’s almost impossible to own that many acres, especially in the big cities unless you are a millionaire. In Texas, one hundred acres is considered to be a small ranch. Imagine that and the freedom and open space you get for yourself and your family.

3. Profitable new business

Cattle ranchers earn twice as much as average American workers, maybe even more. But keep in mind this kind of business is hard work. Yes, it pays off but it’s hard work. Owning cattle is not the only thing you can be doing with your ranch. You can raise goats, board horses. Rent your plots to community gardeners. Maybe even offer events like weddings as a destination wedding is very popular these days. Also as mentioned before, growing your own garden is the best way to save some money or earn some and have safe food on your table every day.

The cattle you can raise after buying ranch houses in Texas.
Owning cattle can be a very profitable job.

4. Living off the grid

Living off the grid is not legal in most places. But in some areas in Texas, it’s not only legal, it’s the only way of living. In the San Antonio area, this is a very common thing, but they do have some regulations about off-grid living. Such as waste management and water line hookups. This is becoming very popular amongst eccentric and rich people.

5. Prices

There are some counties within Texas where you can buy ranch houses for low prices. Also, did you know that there are programs in Texas offering ranchers or the ones who are planning to become free land? This is just the land and you need to build your own house and get your own animals and plant your garden but free land is free land, right? This is all depending on where are you looking to buy property in Texas, and while thinking about where to settle there consider your family too. They can be of great help.

A person putting a coin into a piggy bank
Saving money is always a great idea.

Moving from California to Texas

Well, this is not an easy task. Moving anywhere can be challenging, but moving so far away is extra hard. But it doesn’t need to be really. All you need is a little bit of professional help. Los Angeles Transfer and Storage can offer you just that, a little bit of extra help to make your relocation goes smoothly.

Leaving the Golden State

It will take some time for you and your family to adapt. But this relocation can be a great opportunity and even a great adventure. There is no need to worry. Many people move from California to Texas looking for better job opportunities or just for some extra space. All you need to leave the Golden State hassle-free is a bit of help from some pros!

Moving your household items

The time has come to think about what you need and what you can get rid of. Over the years you probably have gathered too much stuff and now is the perfect time to prioritize and declutter. For the items, you do not wish to throw away and yet you can not relocate right away you should think about renting storage. This is the best way to keep your items safe for the time being.

Packing your household items

You need to think ahead when it comes to packing. Things that are easily breakable need to be packed more carefully. Also, you need to think about moving boxes. Proper supplies are essential for the safety of your items. Moving boxes is something you do not want to cheap out. You really need sturdy and quality ones.

It will be good for you to invest in some quality boxes so your items will be safe.

Preparing your new house

Yes, you do need to prepare your new place. Especially if you live with kids or seniors. For the little kids, well it’s the whole drill. You must babyproof, also if you have a fireplace you need to secure it. Maybe adding some gates so that kids cannot escape or go to the forbidden places like the kitchen. For the seniors, it’s a bit easier. You need to remove the fall hazards. Fire ones too, for everybody, not just seniors and kids.

Your own ranch house in Texas

Ranch houses have different looks and feel than others. When buying ranch houses in Texas people are also buying legendary designs. They are on one floor, but they are usually pretty big and have earthy tones. That gives them a special look. You are probably looking forward to decorating the house in this ranch vibe, and that is great. You can find online some amazing decorating ideas and you can DIY them but of course, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. In Texas, there are a lot of interior designers specialized only in ranch house designs if you ever need extra help or inspiration.