4 things about Texas international students should know

There are many international students in Texas. This is very understandable. Texas has some great schools and this state can offer so much to young professionals. Studying abroad can be great. It’s a whole new life experience. Also, it can be very significant for your resume in the future. More and more students from Asia are coming to the USA to study. It’s becoming a real trend. American institutions are very well known to have the highest standards. They are also known to follow rigorous practices to maintain quality and are very well-supported in order to be able to offer the world’s best education to their students. This state was always great for ex-pats since this state is the world’s biggest mix of cultures. So people are more open and friendly towards strangers. If you are thinking about moving to Texas, here are the things about Texas international students should know.

Paperwork for international students – one of the things about Texas international students should know

Getting your visa to study in the States can take some time, especially now during the global pandemic. Fortunately, this can be a surprisingly easy procedure. The application process for an international student or exchange visitor visa can be quite confusing. But all the paperwork tends to be that way. So many students each year are able to meet the requirements for a visa, and that is a piece of good news. Before acquiring a student visa, you will need to pass a visa interview. Make sure to practice your English as much as possible. You will need it for school too and for your moving day too – they can be hectic. Also, make sure to bring all the documents they asked you to bring.

A student holding a passport as the documentation procedures are one of the things about Texas international students should know.
Make sure that your passport is valid.

Choosing the right school in Texas

Before you even apply for a student visa, you need to pick a school. After that, you need to apply to that same school. Let’s explore the best universities in Texas.

  • The University of Texas in Austin
  • University of Houston
  • Rice University
  • Texas A&M University

Those are just some of the most popular choices. You have many others at your disposal. All you need to do is research more and find the best fit for you. Think about your future and where you see yourself in the future while picking the right school. Some students are coming for high school, and you have plenty to choose from in Texas too. Many people say that Westlake High school is one of the best. But more commonly students are relocating for universities. While you are looking at schools-universities that suit you the best, check their ratings. Ratings are pretty easy to understand. You have a 1-10 scale. A score of 1-4 means below average. Scores 5 and 6 indicate average ratings. That leaves us with 7-10 scores that are the best schools. Look at those.

Relocating to Texas – what you need to know

For international students, especially the ones coming from far away like Hong Kong, this can be a very difficult process. But there are people who can help. It is important that you start preparing early on since international relocations are not something that can be done in a hurry. Professionals can transport your stuff, but you need to be the one to sort your items. Also deciding what to bring is crucial. Don’t bother yourself with unnecessary items like plates, for example. You will easily buy these in Texas. Bring only essentials. Then, talk to your movers and see how they can help you. They can even assist you with the process of packing. Hiring international movers will be the best decision. You will have less to worry about and no heavy lifting for you.

Texas flag
Texas can offer you so many opportunities. Explore them all.

How to prepare for international relocation

Think ahead. Consider where you are going and how long will you be staying. Prioritize. For the stuff that can cheaply be bought in Texas don’t even bother packing. Make sure to bring important stuff like your medical history, for example. Talk to movers about all the questions that you probably have. They will be happy to help. Or you can start by going to the website relosmart.asia and see everything that moving experts can offer to you.

Coping with cultural shock – one of the things about Texas international students should know

This is something that many international students forget to prepare for. It is a whole different country, continent, and culture. Everything and everyone will be different from what you are used to. So do something to prepare yourself. Research Texas thoroughly. Their culture, food, laws even. This is the only way to be prepared when the day comes. Food is completely different from what you might be accustomed to. But trying and experiencing new things can be great for you. Maybe you haven’t discovered your favorite dish yet. Maybe you will find it in Texas. Being prepared will help you to adapt quickly. And be more focused on your studies. After all, you are coming to study primarily. Exploring Texas is just something to do in your free time.

hot dogs
Make sure to explore some new food.

Settling in

If you are going to live on campus, settling in will be easier. This place is after all designed to meet the student’s needs. But renting an apartment somewhere near your school is somewhat harder. Because you will have to think about the apartment, also to consider will you be renting on your own or will you be fining a roommate. But don’t worry, even though this sounds more difficult and it can be. It can also be a great experience. You will have more freedom. That’s always a plus. Also, you just might find your new best friend in your roommate. After you move in, whenever you have the chance explore the neighborhood. People in Texas are usually very friendly so take advantage of that and meet some new friends. Also, weekends can be put to great use. You can travel all around Texas and explore all the great cities and attractions there.