3 things Texans love about Brooklyn

Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs of New York City, and in recent years, it’s getting more popular. Many Texans are packing their essential boxes and getting ready to move to Brooklyn. But what is Brooklyn becoming more popular, and what do Texans love bout it. We have for you 3 things Texans love about Brooklyn. 

The first of 3 things that Texans love about Brooklyn is transportation 

If you have lived in Texas for a long time, you would know that the main form of transportation is by car or truck. However, when Texans move to Brooklyn, there are surprised to find that they do not need cars. 

an image of a train in a subway
Forget about trucks and cars. You will frequently use the subway in Brooklyn.

About forty percent of New Yorkers get to work by subway, and only twenty percent drive to work. You can reach most of the places in Brooklyn by subway. In addition, to the efficient subway system, Brooklyn is very walkable. If you live close to your work, you will never have to drive or take public transportation. And you can reach most of the places in your neighborhood on foot. So if you want to forget about driving and get more active, come to Brooklyn, and U. Santini Moving and Storage can assist you with your relocation. They are local Brooklyn movers that know the borough well and will pack you and get you to Brooklyn in no time. When you finally arrive there, they will handle the unpacking.

Brooklyn neighborhoods have endured gentrification 

New York is one of the most developed cities, and because of it, many neighborhoods have gone through gentrification and lost their charm. Manhattan, as one of the most developed neighborhoods, has suffered the most because of gentrification. While Brooklyn has also gone through changes because of the rising population, there are still neighborhoods in Brooklyn that have kept their old charm. Many residents of Brooklyn are hospitable and will welcome new neighbors with open hands. Come to Brooklyn to experience the community, and if the weather is not going your way, learn how to prepare for moving in bad weather.

people walking on a sidewalk in Brooklyn
One of the 3 things Texans love about Brooklyn is that the neighborhoods are still keeping their old charm.

The final of 3 things that Texans love about Brooklyn is the parks 

When you move to a gray concrete jungle like New York, you do not expect to find a lot of greenery and open space to enjoy outdoor activities. However, if you were to move to Brooklyn, you would have many parks to spend time outside. 

The most popular park in Brooklyn is Prospect Park. Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux designed Prospect park and also Central Park. You can go running, bike riding or have a picnic with your family. And if you get bored of the park, you can go to the Brooklyn Museum and browse true one of the greatest art collections in the world. There are many more reasons to come to Brooklyn, and if you ever need something stored, look for affordable options. They will provide you with the best storage depending on how long you need to put away your stuff and what size you need. 


These are the 3 things Texans love about Brooklyn. We hope they convince you to move to Brooklyn. Before you get there, make sure to find an affordable home. Good luck!